Do you have stacks of partly used planners lying around that you tried and abandoned?

Do you set new goals each year but you're lucky if they last until spring?

Are you struggling to make permanent, positive changes in your life?

Do you want to craft a plan that sticks all year long and beyond?

Then this is for you!

Normally $55  $45 for a limited time! Lowest price of the year!

You know those planners that have us map out our life and goals down to the minute? It takes approximately 22 minutes into our day before those plans have gone out the window!

Here’s the thing: all that popular planning advice from the so-called gurus doesn’t actually work for us busy women, does it?

If it did, I’m pretty sure you would have achieved all your goals by now.

Am I right?

You probably think (just like I used to) that you’re just not trying hard enough or that you’re just not disciplined enough. But that’s not true!! You just need the right information AND the right tools to create a planning system that sets you up for success instead of failure from the get-go.

There's a better way...

The good news is there’s a better way. It’s called the Sweet Life Planner.

The Sweet Life Planner uses a flexible disc-binding system, which allows you change your planning system from day to day or week to week or even month to month based on your personal goals, needs, or season of life! You can customize your planning system to meet your needs and ultimately reach your goals!

This planner checks ALL the boxes!

How did we manage to accomplish all these things with a single planner?

We used a flexible, disc binding system. It allows you to easily add, remove, or rearrange pages at will. This system combines the best of a traditional 3 ring system and spiral binding. The the disc binding doesn’t add much bulk and you can fold it back on itself like you can with spiral binding, but you can still move pages around.

It’s a complete win-win!

The Sweet Life Planner is lightweight and portable, while still not compromising on the number of pages or on quality of paper thickness. This planner can be customized by you as
soon as you receive it!

Do you want  your daily pages in between the months? No problem! 

Do you want them all at the end? You can do that, too.

Do you need extra note pages? Just put them wherever you want.

Five Years in the Making

What you’ll hold in your hand when you get your planner has been five long years in the making!

Hey, my name is Laura and I’m known for creating pretty printables. My website is called I Heart Planners, so, naturally, I’ve been asked literally hundreds of times to create a physical, mailed to your door planner.

This planner was a dream of mine even before I started I Heart Planners five years ago, but here’s the thing: I didn’t want to create just any planner. I didn’t want to add just one more choice among the many planners out there. I wanted something COMPLETELY different. I wanted an absolute dream planner that checked ALL the boxes on my planner wishlist, and I was not willing to settle for anything less. So you’s been five years in the making.

Normally $55  $45 for a limited time! Lowest price of the year!

What others are saying...

I just want to say, thank you for your awesome planner and I can't wait to start using it the beginning of the year. I've looked through it and it is absolutely amazing I can tell that you put your heart and soul into this project!

- Suzanne Rose

I'm obsessed with this concept of being able to move pages around to make it customized to how you like it. And having blank pages to print on/write on/put anywhere is just dang cool!

- Tara of Rad + Happy

I just received my Sweet Life Planner in the mail! Super excited to print out my December stuff for this planner & make the easy transition to January!

-Sha Maxwell

I am BLOWN away with how amazing it is and even the packaging was incredible. The attention to detail is fabulous! Can NOT wait to start using it!!

- Wendy Muzzatti

PSST . . . can I let you in on a little secret?

I get it! I’m a busy woman like you, with a million loads of laundry, a budget to balance, and a business I run from home.

I wish I could tell you that my home is always spotless and you could safely
eat off my floors at any given time.

… but that’s just not true.

The reality is: I have a stack of recipe printouts waiting to be added to my recipe binder. (Gasp!) And I scheduled my son’s 12 month doctor appointment two months late. (Double gasp!)

Planning keeps me sane.

Creating planning resources for my tribe keeps me inspired, it keeps my house (mostly) organized, and my budget in the green.

It's not a magic bullet...

It’s not a magic bullet. You have to do the work.

You will have setbacks. Days that get away from you...days when you gaze longingly at your planner and think, “I wish…” 

BUT... I promise it will be worth it. You will see progress.

Wait! I still haven't told you the best part.

As a certified planner nerd myself, I have an embarrassing collection of different planners that I’ve tried. And some of them were so close to what I needed, but every single one was missing at least some page that I was dying to have.

That’s why I’ve always known that my dream planner would be truly customizable. I wanted to change more than just the name on the cover. It needed a way for each user to easily print out whatever page their heart desires (without worry about having the right punch or having to cut paper to the proper size).

That’s why every planner includes 45 blank pages (that’s a total of 90 sides)! They are cut to size, punched, and ready for you to hit print with whatever you need, and then stick them in your planner.

Your planner will include a digital sample set of the most popular printable pages to add to your planner.

Need some extra dot grid note paper? We’ve got you covered.

Normally $55  $45 for a limited time! Lowest price of the year!

What others are saying...

Thanks so much for sharing your time and talents to create an amazing business that allows people to have a way to create some order in our sometimes-crazy lives!! You are making a difference in mine and I can't thank you enough!!

- Marci Strong

I'm loving the Sweet Life Blueprint! Makes so much sense when you simplify it - otherwise I truly wouldn't know where to start. Thank you so much!

- Rachel Rasmussen

Eek!! I got my planner and I'm so excited to get started! I already have matching pens. Can't wait. Thank you.

- Lauren Dudley

Normally $55  $45 for a limited time! Lowest price of the year!

The Nitty Gritty Planner Details!

  • 6.5 inches by 9 inches (about 1 inch thick)
  • Pages are 8.5 by 5.5 inches
  • Beautiful, leather texture covers (in two color choices) 
  • 12 cardstock weight, mylar coated divider tabs with beautiful quotes  
  • Super thick (80lb.), bright white paper 
  • Flexible disc binding (so you can add, remove and rearrange pages) 
  • Daily edition has 12 different daily page designs each with different artwork 
  • Daily edition has over 480 full color pages & the Weekly edition has over 250 full color pages - don't worry, they don't make your planner bulky, since you won't put them all in at once.
  • Weekly Edition: Each week has a 2 page spread (undated, enough for 60 weeks)
  • Weekly Edition: Thoughtfully designed with a notes spread every 5 weeks so you can place your weeks between your months 
  • 2-page monthly calendar spreads 
  • Overview, gratitude, goal setting, and habit tracking pages for each month 
  • Goal setting mini workbook included in the beginning of the planner
  • Includes a zipper pouch to hold extras 
  • Includes 2 sheets of sticker pages!
  • Includes beautiful, pink and white striped keepsake box
  • Every planner includes a quick start video guide to help you get started using it right away

Normally $55  $45 for a limited time! Lowest price of the year!

*NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: We do ship internationally. We charge actual shipping costs calculated at checkout. Please note that you are responsible for any import taxes and fees (such as VAT) that apply in your location. For example, in most European countries, you will need to pay VAT fees when you receive your planner. Other locations have import taxes as well that you are responsible for.